This collaborative project was the first of it's kind within the adidas group. It began in Portland, OR, USA. For 3 months, a team of 4 interns gathered together at least once a week and aimed to spark a fresh perspective on designing the generation of footwear and apparel products for a completely new consumer.  Working together as a dedicated collective, we synergised the expertise from our respective departments - originals, innovation, training and basketball. Below you'll see a glimpse of our design journey through extensive consumer research, ideation and experimentation. Our project was shared with global design executives and became highly influential in the development of new products from then on.
Originals - Ivan Jaddou
Innovation - Kristina Marrero
Training - Thea Mashofsky
Basketball - Erick Ikeda
Mentors - John Acevedo, Liz Callow, Erik Hernandez, Josh Herr, Brian Foresta, Peter Moore


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